World Economic Forum – Behind the scenes of the World Economic Forum

Everyone and I really mean everyone with rank and name knows the small Swiss town of Davos. The who's who of world politics have been meeting here since 1974. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is the scene of numerous global players, economic experts, scientists, social actors and journalists. From Nelson Mandela, Helmut Kohl, Bill Gates, Yasser Arafat, Wladimir Putin, [...]

Carnival in La Palma – from baby powder to burning sardines

Cuban music, good atmosphere, the scent of baby powder and a white cloud of dust are in the air over Santa Cruz de la Palma. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is colorful, hot and sexy, Carnival in Cologne is "Helau" and "alaaf" and Carnival in La Palma is a two-week exceptional state! Here at Los Indianos tons of baby [...]

Canada 2016

At the end of 2016, Jan, a good friend of mine, and I travelled into the deepest wilderness of Canada on the scent of wolves, black bears, lynxes and elks. It was the first time for me on the North American continent and I should expect isolation, extreme temperature conditions and beautiful nature. In early December, I [...]

Kirgisistan – Auf den Spuren der Geister der Berge

Auf leisen Sohlen schleichen sie über die feste Schneedecke. Ihre Beute hört und sieht sie erst, wenn es bereits zu spät ist. Für Menschen sind diese Wesen Geister der Berge, weil sie nicht nur sehr selten vorkommen, sondern weil Gebirgsregionen bis 6.000 Höhenmeter ihre Heimat sind. Anfang 2015 reiste ich nach Kirgisistan, oft auch Kirgistan oder Kirgisien [...]

Central America 2014

In summer 2014, I travelled to Central America: discovering Costa Rica, climbing up a volcano in Nicaragua, crossing a wacky border to Panama  and being fascinated by the lights of Panama City. End of August 2014 my path should lead me to San José in Costa Rica. A giant thunderstorm over San José urged the pilots to stop circulating [...]

Rocket War in Vrontados 2014

Once in a year, a state of emergency prevails on the tranquil island of Chios in the Eastern Aegean Sea. Chios is located east of Athens, West of Turkey, is the fifth-largest Greek island and thus the tenth largest in the Mediterranean. The inhabitants of the town of Vrontados prepare for war. Windows and doors are barred, houses covered with [...]

Land Rover Experience Tour 2013

15,000 kilometers through 11 countries and that just in 52 days? Sounds crazy, but not for the team of Land Rover Experience. And since I am always up for unusual things, I accompanied the 10th Land Rover Experience tour on their way through the Silk Road 2013. The Silk Road is an ancient network of trade routes, which connected the [...]

Kenya 2012

2012, I travelled to Africa, in a country with rugged mountain ranges, broad savannahs, flat grass steppes, to Kenya. To be exact in the land of the Masai and countless wildebeests and zebras, water buffaloes, red elephants and black rhinos, as well as the large predators of Africa: lions, hyenas, cheetahs and leopards. Everyone who knows me, knows that [...]

New Zealand 2010/2011

2010 I traveled to the end of the world, to an mysterious island with many different faces in the middle of the ocean, which due to its geological procurement was one of the last major landmasses settled by humans. To the land of the long white cloud: New Zealand (Māori: Aotearoa). Short after the project "Cinema Jenin" came to [...]

Cinema Jenin 2009/2010

2009 and 2010 I travelled to Jenin in the West Bank/Palestine. Jenin (also Dschnin or Djenin, Arabic جنين) is an autonomous Palestinian city in the North of the country, which for long time was reckoned as "the martyrs' (meaning suicide bombers) capital", since many attackers, who assailed, injured or even killed many Israelis, came here from this city. Despite the [...]

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