A self-build cabin with a view at the lake, Island Lake, BC, Canada2020-02-17T23:45:27+01:00
Loading the floating plane for the journey, Smithers, BC, Canada2020-02-17T23:45:35+01:00
Enjoying the view at elephants, Khawai Development Trust, Botsuana2020-02-17T23:46:11+01:00
A wild elephant is enjoying a shower, Elephant Sands, Tutume, Botsuana2020-02-17T23:46:21+01:00
Boys playing soccer close to the border control of Angola and Namibia, Chetto, Namibia2020-02-17T23:46:43+01:00
Land Rover Discovery 5 in the wild, Khaudum National Park, Namibia2020-02-17T23:46:51+01:00
Tour der Hoffnung – cycling to fund cure for cancer, Germany2020-02-17T23:47:04+01:00
A fish eagle was successfull at his hunt, Wolf Lake, BC, Canada2020-02-17T13:48:35+01:00
A black bear enjoys dandelion, north of Takla Lake, BC, Canada2020-02-17T13:50:46+01:00
A mature black bear scratching his back on a tree, Wolf Lake, BC, Canada2020-02-17T14:16:16+01:00
A mommy black bear with her 3 cubs, Babine Lake, BC, Canada2020-02-17T14:17:23+01:00
Fog leaping over the lower parts of the Allgäu, Bavaria, Germany2020-02-17T16:46:08+01:00
Female runners at the european athletics championship 2018 in Berlin, Germany2020-02-17T16:16:07+01:00
Light rays flood the Swetizchoweli-Cathedral, Mzcheta, Georgia2020-02-17T22:47:01+01:00
Father Pjotr in front of the Sioni Cathedral, Tiblisi, Georgia (Country)2020-02-17T22:03:24+01:00
A small solitude in the wineyards, La Punta, Island of La Palma, Spain2020-02-17T22:46:11+01:00
The founder of the WEF and a politican, World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland2020-02-17T22:01:29+01:00
CEOs and a politican, World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland2020-02-17T22:01:17+01:00
Politican in front of journalists, World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland2020-02-17T22:58:00+01:00
Inbetween two worlds – snow and sun, Alpine Lake, BC, Canada2020-02-17T17:51:40+01:00
When the last sun kisses the clouds over spectacular mountain views, Alpine Lake, BC, Canada2020-02-17T16:42:50+01:00
Just White – tens of thousands of people in white, Rüsselsheim, Germany2020-02-17T16:04:03+01:00
A very happy man in his camper trailer, Chilko Lake, BC, Canada2020-02-17T21:35:19+01:00
Eastern gray squirrel, Henry House, Jasper, Alberta, Canada2020-02-17T14:32:19+01:00
Looking over the Columbia River at Radium Hot Spinrgs, BC, Canada2020-02-17T17:27:59+01:00
Bavarian Alps at the Soiernspitze, Mittenwald, Bavaria, Germany2020-02-17T22:58:27+01:00
Fall season in the Southern Alps of Arthurs Pass, New Zealand2020-02-17T16:35:44+01:00
Shattered light next to Walter Peak Station, Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand2020-02-17T16:34:06+01:00
View at Mt. Angung from Great Mountain Views Hotel, Selat, Bali, Indonesia2020-02-17T22:42:06+01:00
Ricefields in front of Mt. Angung, Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia2020-02-17T22:58:18+01:00
Young tourists enjoy a bath in the Josephine Falls, Wooroonooran-Nationalpark, Queensland, Australia2020-02-17T22:40:55+01:00
Deer are looking for food at a frosty morning, “Kuba”, Germany2017-10-24T23:47:11+02:00
David Guetta performs at his solo concert in Cologne, Germany2017-10-24T22:52:08+02:00
Tourists launch a traditional Khom Loi, Kho Phangan, Thailand2017-10-24T23:43:06+02:00
Happiest man when I showed him his image, Balykchy, Kyrgyzstan2017-10-24T23:26:56+02:00
A male snowleopard at the largest snowleopard wildlife preserve of the world, Yssyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan2017-10-24T23:48:27+02:00
An European hare (Lepus europaeus) enjoys the morning sun, Stuttgart, Germany2017-10-24T23:48:33+02:00
A black spiny-tailed iguana, species of lizard named ctenosaura similis, is following a female, Dominical, Puntarenas, Costa Rica2017-10-24T23:48:44+02:00
A white-headed capuchin watches birds in a tree, Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos, Costa Rica2017-10-24T23:48:48+02:00
A black spiny-tailed iguana, species of lizard named ctenosaura similis, enjos the scenery, Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos, Costa Rica.2017-10-24T23:49:12+02:00
A very poision eyelash viper (bothriechis schlegelii) is sitting on a small branch, Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica2017-10-24T23:49:09+02:00
Howler monkeys chilling in the treetops, next to Cahuita, Costa Rica2017-10-24T23:51:21+02:00
A 360 degree panoramic shot of the rainforest on the Madera Volcano, Ometepe, Nicaragua2017-10-24T23:21:40+02:00
A worker is watching at the Volcano-Island Ometepe, Rivas, Nicaragua2017-10-24T23:27:15+02:00
Marteria is performing on stage, Summerjam, Cologne, Germany2017-10-24T22:55:21+02:00
People enjoy the Just White festival from Hitradio FFH, Bensheim, Germany2017-10-24T22:55:29+02:00
David Guetta performs at World Club Dome, Frankfurt am Main, Germany2017-10-24T22:55:37+02:00
Holy and thievish monkeys at the Harati Devi Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal2017-10-24T23:51:34+02:00
Land Rover Evoque SD4 in the Tibetan heights (4371m), Xizang (Tibet), China2017-10-24T22:39:27+02:00
Fall is getting closer in Tibet, Shannan, Xizang (Tibet), China2017-10-24T23:07:49+02:00
A monk sends his prayer while he lights some perfumed candles, Lhasa, Xizang (Tibet), China2017-10-24T23:27:20+02:00
Towing out a car after driving too deep into the Taklamakan Desert at the Land Rover Experience Tour 2013, Qarqan, China2017-10-24T22:59:22+02:00
A young boy sells fresh grilled corn, Hotan, Xinjiang, China2017-10-24T23:27:23+02:00
A winner of the Land Rover Experience Tour watching the Jurten Camp at 3200m, At-Bashi, Kyrgyzstan2017-10-24T23:00:36+02:00
Land Rover Discovery on the way to the camp, Fergana-region, Kyrgyzstan2017-10-24T22:38:10+02:00
Bruno Mars performing at Germany’s next Topmodel final 2013, Mannheim, Germany2017-10-24T23:00:39+02:00
International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) – a so called little planet, Stuttgart, Germany2017-10-24T23:00:48+02:00
Smoke from wildfires created a lovely atmosphere next to Gairloch, Scotland2017-10-24T23:07:57+02:00
Starke Schule – award presentation ceremony Hessen, Wiesbaden, Germany2017-10-24T23:01:59+02:00
360 degree panoramic shot from the top of the television tower, Stuttgart, Germany2017-10-24T23:09:35+02:00
An Audi TT RS at a special test drive, Ulrichen, Valais, Switzerland2017-10-24T22:40:55+02:00
New Zealand Pavillion, Frankfurt Bookfair, Frankfurt am Main, Germany2017-10-24T22:41:13+02:00
Masai offering selfmade goods, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya2017-10-24T21:05:54+02:00
A cheetah feeding her cubs, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya2017-10-24T23:53:14+02:00
With the mountain through the Von River Valley, Southland, New Zealand2017-10-24T23:13:54+02:00
Panoramic of the Tasman glacier lake (360°, 254 images, shot in 4m15s, print 1105x263cm @180dpi) Mount Cook, New Zealand2017-10-24T23:14:15+02:00
Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Ruhapenu, National Park Village, New Zealand2017-10-24T23:16:17+02:00
Sydney downtown and its famous Opera House, Sydney, Australia2017-10-24T23:39:12+02:00
Jerusalem – Western Wall and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, Israel2017-10-24T21:18:47+02:00
Green crab spider (diaea dorsata), Mühldorf am Inn, Germany2017-10-24T23:55:42+02:00
Politician meeting in SWR Studio D (including background projection pictures), Mainz, Germany2017-10-24T23:03:03+02:00